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Trust the team at Express Yourself Tattoos & Body Piercings.

Trust Express Yourself Tattoos & Body Piercings with your next piercing. Our team of experienced body piercers believes that knowledge, skill, and superior customer service are vital to the perfect body piercing. Located in Lackawanna, NY, we are dedicated to helping you express yourself and your unique personality through our safe and professional piercing process.

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Body Piercing

Whether you want a nose, belly button, eyebrow, or tongue piercing, our team of highly qualified body piercers will pierce safely and cleanly. Express Yourself Tattoos & Body Piercings adheres to cross-contamination and sterilization procedures to ensure complete protection. We are knowledgeable and guide you in aftercare, proper metals, appropriate jewelry and placement, aseptic technique, anatomy, physiology, and psychology of performing a piercing safely.

Ear Piercing

Do you want your ears pierced but are a little nervous? Have no fear when you visit Express Yourself Tattoos & Body Piercings. With O.S.H.A certified staff and an Erie County Health Department License from the local health department, you can trust our professionals to use sterile needles and safety procedures for your ear piercing. Explore our gallery below!

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New jewelry we carry.

Express Yourself Tattoos & Body Piercings carries a wide variety of jewelry to choose from. When getting a piercing, it is essential to use materials that encourage a healthy healing process, such as surgical steel, titanium, 14 karat gold, or platinum. We encourage our customers to choose from our wide selection of beautiful jewelry.


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